Semalt Provides Helpful Issues On Top 5 Web Scrapers

Often, the information we need gets trapped in a site, and we cannot scrape or crawl it properly. While some sites make efforts to present data in clean and structured formats, the others cannot provide any web crawling or data scraping facility. That is why we will need to access the best web crawlers, miners, and scrapers. Here we have discussed the top five tools in this regard.

1. enables us to get the real-time data from online resources and sites. The best part is that this program mines and crawls the sites conveniently and presents data in clean and well-organized format. It also enables us to scrape data based on their keywords, phrases, languages, and nature. The final results can be obtained in the form of XML, RSS and JSON files. Though this program is free of cost, you may access its premium version if you want to use for commercial purposes. The paid plan will enable you to send multiple HTTP requests to the main server, making it easy for you to scrape and crawl the sites.

2. Scrapy:

Scrapy is a powerful and amazing scraping and crawling framework on the internet. Its best part is that this program is supported by a community of experts, with whom you can get in touch for useful tips and tutorials anytime, anywhere. It helps scrape and parse your data and saves it in different formats such as CSV and JSON.

3. Outwit Hub:

If you are not comfortable with codes, Outwit Hub will provide you with the useful visual interface, making it easy for you to crawl and mine the data. Its hosted version is available on the official site, and the free version can be downloaded from any online store. Outwit Hub is a Firefox extension that doesn't require you to have programming skills.

4. Octoparse:

Just like Outwit Hub, Octoparse is a powerful web scraper, crawler, and data miner. It handles both static and dynamic sites using Javascript, cookies, redirects, and AJAX. This web program will help extract any site or blog and will extract both basic and advanced types of data. All the valuable information you need can be founded in the Octoparse' cloud storage area. It enables you to extract bulk websites within an hour, and you will get the best quality with Octoparse API. Let me here tell you that this freeware is supportive for Windows only and is not available for any other operating system.

5. Web Scraper for Chrome:

If you have Google Chrome as your primary web browser, you should opt for Web Scraper. It is an outstanding crawling and mining program that allows you to create sitemaps for both your personal blogs and business websites. You just have to download, install and add this scraper to your Chrome browser and see how it will extract data from your given websites. You can also import the sitemaps or use its templates to enhance the overall look and performance of your website. It will save your extracted data in the CSV files or in its own Archive folder.